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Microsoft Office Professional 2007 – Product description

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 is an office software for high demanding requests. It ensures maximum productivity under stable conditions especially in companies. The programs Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Access 2007, and Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager are included in Office Professional Plus 2007 and provide a solution for every application. Use the Office applications for word processing, spreadsheets, email management and design of presentations or managing databases and design publications.  You always achieve professional results thanks to the wide range of functions of each program.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 features

  • Live Preview: templates, themes and format functions are displayed in real time in the
  •    document window.
  • Ribbon: New user interface for quick and intuitive navigation.
  • Custom modules, themes and layouts maximize the productivity and facilitate entry into new
  •    projects.
  • Better protection against data loss through XML support, reduced document sizes for more storage
  •    and faster loading.
  • Outlook allows the subscription of RSS feeds and provides search emails function.
  • Access includes ready-to-use and editable database solutions.

New friendly to use Ribbon

The new ribbon replaces the classic menu structure of previous Office versions. This replacement enables the often needed features to be found faster. Each of the commands are grouped together in groups in the Ribbon and provide an easy orientation. As a supplement, there are still lists and dialogs with other functions. The elements are displayed depending on the situation and help you at your work exactly at the right moment. User-defined components, layouts, and designs make it easier for you to get started new projects and provide professional results, even without prior knowledge.  The live preview enables you to check and adjust the layout as you need it.

Many new features in each Office application

The various Office programs are equipped with new functions, which complement and improve the existing pool. You can select from pre-made modules or even adapt them to your needs e.g. in Word, you can easily add frequently used content to your documents. Choose from a large gallery of cover pages, headers or footers, or text quotes and create professional documents in the blink of an eye. Microsoft Excel makes it easier for you to handle large amounts of data through the new AutoComplete feature. The functions for automatic completion of formulas help to create formulas, considering all dependencies and references quickly and correctly.

Subscribe to RSS feeds and to gather all your mails and information in one place in Microsoft Outlook. Email with integrated instant search browse by keyword to find relevant content faster. Protection from spam with the Junk E-mail filter and against phishing.  Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create graphs directly in the program, without having to use Excel first. With just a few clicks, create effective and dynamic workflow, relationship and hierarchy diagrams and use them immediately for compelling presentations. In Microsoft Access, use predefined database solutions and manage professionally structured data. The custom publications in Microsoft Publisher help you achieve always professional results.

Office 2007 Professional Plus – the all-round solution for businesses


Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus programs are well tailored for a business environment, and help to get along with all the tasks without much effort. Easy navigation and as well numerous template available, help you to reach quickly desired goal. Check on the extensive options of Office Professional Plus 2007. The Office suite is tailored especially for older and lower performance PC’s with Windows operating systems.



Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus – System requirements

Required operating system
Hard disk
Sound card
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